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Ci vediamo!

Ah! Romano

Homosexuality is the new black
15 May 1992
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The world calls me Kaza, even though that isn't what most people would call my real name. To be simple, I'm African-American, black if you'd please. I have a very confused sexuality and will deny everything while at the same time affirming it. I write fanfiction, but I've already promised myself that I will stop doing so by the time I turn 21, and I'm sixteen until my birthday, so I think I can keep on having fun a little while longer. With my fanfiction, there is a high possibility that it is gay, which I have no shame towards, but I cannot speak for everyone else in this crazy world. I'm also an artist, but everything I draw is sketchy and covered in lines. D: I'll try to spare you.


I write in, like, a thousand fandoms. But, let me narrow them down to the bare necessities. I love D.Gray-man, Axis Powers Hetalia, and...well, that's actually about it. I don't force myself to write anything. :) And, I'm going to get my manry-squeeing out of the way and just say that my ultimate OTPs are Tyki/Allen and Sweden/Finland. I might be going to hell, but at least it'll be in a handbasket.

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