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Title: Association Socialistic
Author/Artist: paranoia_pistol 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy(N), Austria/Hungary (minor)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alternative Universe, definitely gay, misuse of sports terms, Prussia
Summary: AU: Ludwig knew that the moment Feliciano grabbed that microphone during this very important football game, his life was most likely going to be a.) ruined or b.) ruined. He chose A.

X-posted to FanFiction.Net again. D: I need to let go.
Ludwig was almost painfully aware of the fact that he was not the easiet person to get along with--unless you were his brother, his brother's friend, his brother's friend's girlfriend, and so on and so forth.Collapse )

Fanfic: Grand Duchy [SuFin][APH]

Title: Grand Duchy
Author/Artist: paranoia_pistol 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland, Russia/Lithuania (minor), Austria/Hungary (also minor)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alternate Universe, gay?, terrible terrible grammar on the subject of Sweden, terrible terrible humor (as I find the most mundane things funny), and Russia
Summary: AU: All Tino could understand, from Berwald's mangled speech, was that he threw the game because he loved him. if that wasn't sweet, then nothing could possibly be better.

X-posted to FanFiction.Net, for some mad reason. D:

Tino would rather go to a terrible place than to tell his boyfriend that he couldn't understand a good amount of the words coming from his mouth.Collapse )

Mar. 22nd, 2009

I think I would pay good money to see a D.Gray-man/Kingdom Hearts crossover. :D

For some reason, the plot only gets better the more I think about it! Akuma, Heartless, Sora, Allen, Ansem the 9001st, the Millennium Earl~ *off to find people willing to write it*

I would totally write it myself, but...I'm a total homo about fanfiction.

Oh my God I think I might be going pedo.

It all stems from my sudden intensity in buffing up my college profile so I can get into UCLA. Everyone was like, "Hey, do community service, universities love that" and I was all "Fuck yeah volunteer work!"

So, I went to my counselor, who is always signing me up for shit. I'm serious, I walk into school, and suddenly I'm being told that I need to have my forms ready for the field trip by tomorrow. Well, she already took the initiative and signed me up for a simple volunteer job in my own extensive neighborhood, and I was all, "cool".

It ends up that I was to walk the elementary school kids to school, at, like, 7:01 in the morning. Generally, I was okay with it, since I got bananas and muffins, but there was one key problem.

Those are the cutest little bastards I have ever been blessed forced to accompany, and I've got more baby cousins than the Jackson Five in their better days.

This little girl wanted to hold my hand, and I would've been blushing so hard if I weren't black and completely mortified at my newfound affection. They were all so cute. We had to walk in a line down the street to the school, like a human school bus, and I resisted the urge to make them goose-leg it, because I honestly to Christ in a pancake appreciated them.

I even gave them two tickets for field day, just for coming out on 'Walk to School' Day. :D I got a hug from a first grader for that. :DDD

Oh my God I really might be going pedo--this isn't good.

Oh, and my SAT is tomorrow! :D Wish me luck, because I think I'm going to cry from all of this stress.

Hello, McFly?!

Hmm...I am suddenly wondering something.

I, as of this morning, received an email about a review for a fanfic, AWYWI. It was a constructive criticism review, or something, because I couldn't understand one portion of the criticism. D:

So, the person says, "...one thing that keeps bothering me is when you use things like 'the pianist looked again' or 'the japanese man said' or 'the white haired boy said' randomly through the fic. It throws you out of the story line and makes you wonder for a second just who you are talking about. please, just use the character's name or he/she, your writing will improve so much and it will stop hurting my brain trying to figure out just who you are talking about."

This is where I get confused.

They ask me to stop using those kind of descriptions in place of the person's name or their respective pronoun, but it's hard for me to do that because I add those kinds of descriptions to make the reading easier.

In a cast of mostly males, saying "he said" and "he asked" feels like it'll only cause more confusion, because there are probably four guys talking at one time, and with just the pronouns it'll seem like one person is talking, and that's a total headache from my own experiences.

Using the person's name, I already do that--but I try not to do it too often because I was warned against repeatedly saying "Allen said" and one sentence later "Allen asked."

The descriptions, in my opinion, also make it easier to visualize the character, as well as tell them apart. I don't change their canon descriptions too much, just the clothing because it takes place in 1985, and I'm pretty sure they didn't wear exorcist coats back then. If I say 'pianist' as a description, it's because it's true--Allen is a pianist, in canon and in this odd '80s AU. There's only one Japanese man in the fanfic (and pretty much the anime and manga because I don't know who the hell Kazana is, FFN character filter).

I try to be a good writer that can appeal to everyone, but maybe that's impossible. D: Not only that, but I love the way I write. I adore it--if I could make-out with my writing style, I totally would. It kind of hurts to hear that someone thinks it sucks, which totally clogs up my feng shui.

Either way, I'd like some advice on what is the right thing to do. The person is correct in a way--I could be so much better, and I try to become so every day.

Oh, man, but my reply was a totally jackass move. It was all "Thanks, but no thanks, ah, and Übrigens, Ich finde den OOC ist manchmal unvermeidbar beim Schreiben von AU. :D" I find German to be a nice way to ease off my annoyance.

Feb. 6th, 2009

Okay, seriously, I must be a secret alcoholic, because some of this shit is just unexplainable.

I just found out today that my milk expired on January 21st, after drinking it for the last two weeks. D:

I don't know if I should be pissed at my mother for buying me milk that expired before she got it just because it was on sale, or myself because I can read Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List but I can't read a fcking milk carton.

Best. Day. Ever.


Just a few minutes ago, my pre-ordered copy of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories came in the mail.

And I just about praised the Lord in the middle of the street, holding the packet close to my heart and my books close to the ground.

My neighbor looked at me. "Do you not have AIDS or something?" he asked me.

"Yes!" I cried, waving the package at him. "I don't have AIDS! And even if I did, it wouldn't matter because I HAVE KHRe:COM!"

With that, I ran into the house, threw my backpack on the couch (which I am not allowed to do), put my books on the kitchen counter (which I am not allowed to do), and ripped open the package, throwing the torn remnants everywhere (which I am also not allowed to do unless planning to clean up immediately)(the hell I was going to clean up immediately).

Nao, I am truly happy for the day. Just, really, really happy, for the first time in a long time. :D

Oh, and the fact that the game came with limited edition art made it even better. I'm totally willing to scan it for anyone who wants to see that hasn't gotten them already.

*is very very in love with the world*

We didn't start the fire

The Twilight movie was terrifically bad. :D

It's a must-see, especially if one has read all of the books.

But, I must admit that I now have a bitchin' crush on Victoria. Because damn and whoa and oh hell yes she was working that role out.

Is there a comm where I can discuss the badness of the Twilight movie in any way? Because it's mandatory that I do. I can't bottle up my lulz forever. D:

Oh, and is there anyone who is in FBLA?

no fcking way


Obama is president.
Of America.

THIS IS AMAZING! :D I seriously can't believe it.

"Ode to the First Kind of Black President of America"

Oh my god what the fuck
My dearest liberal nation
Obama must have a lot of luck
To obtain the electoral vocation

Damn, you made the polls your bitch
And I couldn't even vote you
Hope noone hates your half-black guts
And tries to physically demote you

O-Bam, It's not that I doubted you
(Lol, that's a lie)
You were always my homeboy, y'know?
Now you're top guy

I love all yur fans
My mom just let out a bloodcurling scream
Because you said "you can"

I'm also loving your suit
Does it come in different sizes?
When I become 1st TOTALLY black prez
I'll be rocking the same prizes

Thanks, Obama,
I'm really glad you ran
If you could do it and win,
Then, hell, "Yes I can"

If I die tomorrow,
I'll be sure to jot this in my log
Someone needs to Obama a ytmnd

I'm done.
Feel free to kill me, but I'm going to finish my Algebra III project. :D

I, in a fleeting moment of lulz and disregard for the srs business that is the 2008 Elections, have done this is an effort to go to hell. In style. :D

I found it here, and I will never touch it again.

was treated very badly by MCCAIN. PALIN and CLINTON, Made to do many chores around the house with no time to rest, OBAMA seeks refuge in his/her own little THE NEGAVERSE, where she daydreams of a better life. Meanwhile, the King and Queen are preparing for a(n) SEXAY 2008 ELECTIONS they are giving in order to find a wife for their son, the guest of honor. BIDEN wonders when he will find true love, and the King assures BIDEN that lasting love will come one day.

On the night of the 2008 ELECTIONS, OBAMA fantasizes about attending. OBAMA is teased for harboring impossible dreams of attending the special 2008 ELECTIONS. OBAMA is miraculously provided with a beautiful TUXEDO and super fast SUPAR HELICOPTER by a JESUS. Warned that this magic will last only until midnight, OBAMA leaves for the 2008 ELECTIONS. The JESUS tells OBAMA that dreams can indeed come true.

At the 2008 ELECTIONS, BIDEN invites a mysterious stranger (actually OBAMA in her TUXEDO ) to RUN. OBAMA and BIDEN RUN all night long. PALIN and CLINTON glare and spitefully criticize BIDEN's choice of partners. OBAMA, and BIDEN marvel that they have fallen in love after knowing each other for less than ONE HOUR. As midnight is about to strike, OBAMA , flees, leaving only a(n) TIE behind.

The next day, OBAMA, EPICALLY recalls the 2008 ELECTIONS to MCCAIN and PALIN and CLINTON. PALIN and CLINTON , believing that OBAMA can only be imagining the 2008 ELECTIONS, marvel at her accuracy. A(n) TRUMPET announces the arrival of BIDEN, who, armed with the TIE, has begun to search far and wide for his mysterious love. MCCAIN orders OBAMA, out of the house so that she won't ruin PALIN and CLINTON's chances with BIDEN. To the delight of OBAMA and BIDEN, magic once again provides assistance, and BIDEN recognizes OBAMA, He places the TIE on her FINGER and, lo and behold, it fits. OBAMA, and BIDEN are TERRIFICALLY united and live happily ever after.


Germany lol wut
Homosexuality is the new black

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