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Oct. 18th, 2012

i feel like i've been twenty forever like jesus bruh
Oh my fcking god almighty in the sky, my life is ruined. Ruined!

At the moment I am sick, like, delusional sore-throat sneezing feverish hacking up blood sick. It's also snowing and I wanted to play in the snow! I wanted to go sledding and dance and, uh, do whatever else people do in the snow! But I can't because I'm dying. D:<

But this is not the worst part.

The worst part is, without a doubt, that my beloved laptop with three years worth of files and 2 GB worth of almost impossible to find music has obtained a virus. And I never had virus protection because I am an IDIOT who listens to people that tell me to stab my own stomach. Of course, this has never happens. Hopefully it never will. The last guy to work on my laptop was all like, I can't get virus protection because I shouldn't be on any websites that have viruses. In theory, this makes sense, but in practice--the Internet cannot be trusted! There are, like, nine billion websites in the world, and I'm sure that eight point five billion of those websites have some sort of malware.

Now my laptop will not turn on, and I'm so weak from my sickness that I can't even unscrew the hard drive depression.

Omg I hope all the bad fanfiction I've ever written isn't gone. I would kill everything in sight if that was the case.

Jan. 5th, 2010

In other news: my high school career has only 16 weeks left to exist! :D Yay. I'm finally taking Economics, because I effing love social studies and all that kind of jazz.

But I have come across one problem.

Wtf am I going to do for my AP Studio Art concentration??? D: I have an idea, but I just can't think of how to implement it. I think I'm going to go with taking some olde classical tale of yore and sexifying it to fit the American teenage culture of the 50s. But I don't know what kind of olde classical tale of yore to use goddammit

ARGH I cannot feel my FINGERS

Okay, maybe it's just because I'm some thin-blooded Californian that's abnormally bitchy about everything, but this Georgia weather is ridiculous.

I would not expect a state as close to the ocean as Georgia to be so goddamn cold in the winter. D:<

Although, I've been filing the same complaint since seventh grade--when I actually moved to this place. For some inane reason, I believe I have fooled myself into thinking that there will be a Ventura Beach down the street and that sooner or later I will not freeze my ass off during the winter.

So, yeah.

In other news, I've been accepted into Pace University in NY (with negative three effort) and hopefully Boston U takes my application seriously. :)
Oh lulz I haven't updated this thing in forever.

Either way, Happy New Year to all! It's going to be awesome, this 2010 year. :D I totally graduate in five months, hell yes!


I made it to the list of winners for the Duane and BrandO's cover art contest~! :D The first great thing to happen to me in art aspects since I found out how to use this pen pressure shit on my tablet!

In other news, I feel like I can use LJ again! :D

There is depressed~

I would like some tidbits of advice, if possible.

How do I handle criticism? D: I mean, how do I bring myself to not get depressed over it?

I've always sucked at taking constructive criticism well, and I have lost so many friendships over it that I can't even wish it was funny. D: I just wanted to know, though, if it is possible for me to get over myself long enough to listen to another person's help.

God I just want to cry right now. D:

You remind me of a former love. /sob


Why is everything that I appreciated from the media dying?? D:<

Panic at the Disco, I'm looking at you. 

I mean, wrrrrry? I was in so much love with you guys during my freshman year of high school, I kick homosexual ass on the drums when playing "Nine in the Afternoon" on Rockband 2, and I quote "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces" in fucking conversations more than I quote "Welcome to the Black Parade." AND THAT WAS WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY.

Really, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, I hope your music excursion is a billion times more kickass than "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out." And by "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," I mean "Time to Dance."

I have yet to hear a song that beats that one in sheer awesome.

I do wonder if I am going to hell because I am more metaphorically torn up due to my favorite band's spiltation than I am over Michael Jackson's death. I mean, RIP Michael, but I'LL FUCKING MISS YOU RYAN.

Title: The Chesapeake Campaign (Part One)
Author/Artist: paranoia_pistol 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/United Kingdoms/America
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alternate Universe, weird historical allusions, France's internal monologue, Russia
Summary: AU: Ivan Braginski had to be the single most insane heartbroken man in the world, especially if Francis was doing something as weird as seducing Arthur Kirkland as a part of his "ingenious plan". Here's to hoping Alfred doesn't kick his ass.

It's the fourth fic to the Universitalia universe (of which I am going to compile the links at some point. I think) and the only multi-chaptered one on my to-do list. :D

I had muchos fun with it. :D
Francis could most likely seduce anyone. That was just the pure, undiluted truth--in his opinion.Collapse )
Title: Status Quo Ante Bellum
Author/Artist: paranoia_pistol 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Austria/Hungary/Prussia, Germany/Italy(N) (minor)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Alternate Universe, gay, not gay, actually kind of straight, theoretical bipolaralness, Prussia
Summary: AU: Elizaveta obviously despised Gilbert and everything having to do with him (except for his younger brother, who was the only exception). But, it was even more obvious that the feelings weren't returned that well, because Gilbert just kept existing, and near her at that!

X-posted to FanFiction.Net. Again. D: Ah well.
And now you can be a part of my hit paper, The Gilbo Gossip! Can't you imagine the headlone, Psycho Hungarian Chick?Collapse )


Germany lol wut
Homosexuality is the new black

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